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Marketing Optimization: The Ideas-To-Demand Chain Robert Shaw and Philip Kotler
Marketing is the least efficient process in business today, while at the same time being one of the most important. Yet within it there is a business process that can be simplified and streamlined. Robert Shaw and Philip Kotler describe a comprehensive framework for auditing and transforming for long-term efficiency embraced by giants such as Diageo and l’Oréal.

Reverse Innovation: An Interview with Vijay Govindarajan Christian Sarkar
Dartmouth-based scholar and management guru Vijay Govindarajan explains why reverse innovation is the future of global competition.

The Rise of Intuitive Intelligence: An Interview with Francis Cholle Christian Sarkar
Author, speaker, and consultant Francis Cholle shows us why intuitive intelligence is "the new intelligence for the new world".

Customer-Driven Innovation: An Interview with Gaurav Bhalla Christian Sarkar
Knowledge Kinetics CEO Gaurav Bhalla shares his insights on customer-driven innovation and value co-creation.

Marketing is Dead Crisis Photo
Marketing v1.0 Is Dead! Long Live Marketing v2.0!

Greg Thomas
Marketing is in a state of crisis. We are in need of Marketing version 2.0. This is the wake-up call for the version upgrade.

Branding for Advantage: An Interview with Steven Feinberg
Christian Sarkar
Steven Feinberg author of The Advantage-Makers: How Exceptional Leaders Win by Creating Opportunities Others Don't, explains how this relates to your brand.

Brand Hijack: When Unintended Segments Desire Your Brand
Greg Thomas

There are times when we craft a brand identity which targets a specific market segment and everything progresses smoothly until one day an unintended market segment decides to hijack your brand. What then?

Managing Brand Portfolios to Unlock Real Potential
Reshma Shah
The composition of a company's brands is a vital issue for marketers. What constitutes a well-tended brand portfolio, and what are the signs of neglect? Does the portfolio fit together coherently, or is it simply a loose confederation of offerings that grew out of historical decisions to do with products? Marketing executives at most large companies have wrestled with this question.

The Speed of Trust: Interview with Stephen M.R. Covey
Christian Sarkar
Stephen M. R. Covey explains why the notion of trust as a soft, social virtue is a myth and instead demonstrates that trust is a hard-edged, economic driver—a learnable and measurable skill that can give your business a competitive edge. More >>

SoulBranding in the C-Suite: Eight Guidelines for Values Branding Elsie Maio
Why is the corporate brand such a hot topic among CEOs today? As powerful as the brand has been as a marketing asset, it is emerging as an equally powerful tool for general management. CEOs now see how the corporate brand can fuel two of their most urgent agendas: - to transform business performance; and - to more effectively support their boards. More >>

The Branding Crisis at Wal-Mart Allen Long
Some business strategists insist that companies have to employ "hardball" tactics constantly on all fronts to succeed. Some of these strategists point to Wal-Mart as a company that has achieved great success by following this strategy.

The Coming War for the Mind of the Consumer Roger Sinclair
Soon Chinese brands will compete on level terms with western brands. Expect soon to see new brand names on your shelves- such as Galanz micro wave ovens; TCL electronic equipment and Haier appliances.

Branding as Cultural Activism Douglas Holt
Managers routinely ignore the cultural content of the brand's myth, treating this content as a tactical "executional" issue. As a result, they outsource the most critical strategic decisions on the brand to creatives at ad agencies, public relations firms, and design shops. To systematically build iconic brands, companies must reinvent their marketing function. Here's how >>

In Search of a Reliable Measure of Brand Equity Jonathan Knowles
While the desire of marketers to demonstrate that they are allocating marketing investments as efficiently as possible is admirable, they are doing themselves a disservice with their current obsession with ROI. The bigger question — and the one that will earn marketers a seat at the boardroom table in a way that no amount of ROI measurement can — is whether brands truly are assets that enable the business to generate superior returns over time. more >

10 Ways to Rate Your Firm's Marketing Assessment System
Tim Ambler
In the research I've done over the years, I find that most companies do not have a clear picture of their own marketing performance which may be why they cannot assess it. more >>

Restoring the Power of Brands John Hagel III
Existing brands are in trouble. They are far from dead, but they are losing their power – and this is happening on a global scale.  Until we understand how brands need to change, business executives will struggle to prop up their brands and fret over diminishing returns on brand investments. On the other hand, those who understand the new role of brands will be able to create and capture enormous value. more >>

Three Approaches to Brand Valuation
Don E. Schultz and Heidi F. Schultz

Over the years we've come to the conclusion that there are three primary approaches to measuring, tracking, and evaluating brands over time. Each approach has distinct goals and management information objectives. The challenge is to determine which one to use and for what purpose... more >>

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What is EMI?

The Emory Marketing Institute (EMI) pursues the advancement of brand driven business performance. We collaborate with companies to develop ‘next practices’ in brand management. Initially, EMI was established as part of the Goizueta Business School at Emory University in Atlanta, one of the top ranked business schools worldwide. Currently, we function as an independent organization building bridges between marketing practitioners, academics, businesses and institutions.

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