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The Brand Academy is the training group of the Emory Marketing Institute. It provides a range of instructional programs designed to help businesses maximize the value of their brands. If knowledge is power, then the Brand Academy is where you will find the most cutting edge insights.

Our services include a certificate program, role-based curriculum tracks, modular briefings, and customized on-site executive briefings. We also provide customized mentoring for your organization on specific challenges that may arise. You can think of this as an alternative to managerial consulting as we help your team gain the understanding to build strong brands.

The Brand Academy participants have access to a rich set of brand related resources. Brand Academy programs offer valuable insider knowledge that few companies openly share.

As an integral part of the Institute, the Brand Academy has access to ongoing knowledge improvement from the advanced research programs. We offer an array of choices which can be customized to meet your specific needs whether you are interested in individual training or team training.

The Brand Academy instructors are experts in the field of brand science. As such, they are able to compellingly convey the use of the latest concepts, methods, techniques, processes, and analytical models to support optimal managerial decisions.

Brand Academy Overview

The Brand Academy offers a range of services that address the needs of your organization, for it to successfully develop and deploy successful brand strategies. Following is a description of the various programs.

Modular Courses
Instead of requiring a full series of courses, most of our curriculum is atomized into smaller units or modules. The Brand Academy offers a modular system where training can be tailored the specific needs of your team.

Customized Solutions
The Brand Academy both offers turnkey courses and custom solutions. We invite your requests for customized curriculum design where we develop customized course materials best focused on your industry or geographic context. Our customized curriculum offers flexible modules and on-site training as needed.

On-Site Training
If you have a team to train, or are seeking a development program for senior executives you may find it more convenient and cost effective to have courses delivered at your own training facility or closer to your operations as delivered by our on-site training program.

Completing the Brand Academy’s certification program indicates that an individual has the tools, knowledge, and confidence to manage brand leadership. The certification program is a serious undertaking as it requires a commitment to personal development through extensive study and preparation. To complete the certification candidates must demonstrate a mastery of the material in the certification examination.

Role-Based Curriculum Tracks
To maximize the impact of our programs, the Brand Academy has devised a role-based curriculum that focuses the course work on the maximization of skills and knowledge needed by a particular job function. We have tracks for Senior Executives, Managers, Researchers, and Practitioner functions. This allows you to choose the units most appropriate for your situational needs.

Worldwide Delivery
We offer flexible solutions to delivery of brand training. The Brand Academy programs are offered at education centers worldwide. Our modern facilities in Atlanta, Georgia may be the best choice for some organization, while others find scheduling events at other worldwide locations in Europe, Asia, or Latin America more suitable.

Brand Study Tour 
Working collaboratively with our business partners, this program offers a mix of classroom instruction and field visits with an emphasis on experiential learning through on-site visits to other companies. Examples include the Home Depot prototype store, Georgia Pacific’s Innovation Center, behind the scenes at the Coca Cola Museum, and the Delta training center.

Programs Offered

Our training programs offer the latest concepts, frameworks and tools and are designed both to address issues by industrial sector and by roles in the organization, from the executive suite to the individual contributor. Our Brand Alignment Program trains an entire organization to ensure everyone knows their role in delivering on the brand promise.

Flexible Delivery Options to Fit Your Needs

Brand Academy Services


Raj Srivastava
Executive Director
Professor of Marketing
Phone: +1 (404) 727-4858
Email: rsriva2@emory.edu

Greg Thomas
Director of Research and Programs
Phone : +1 (404) 727-4613
Email: gmthoma@emory.edu


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