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Emory Marketing Institute is recognized as the leading academic brand research organization. The Institute, in response to needs voiced in the market, is developing an open and transparent system for brand health assessment. To meet this need it established Emory Brand Health program as a comprehensive system of evaluating and tracking brand performance.

The Brand Health program is designed as an open model. This design makes it available for academic critique. The benefit of an open model is that the methodology is made available for validation by scholars, scholars can develop additional insights by applying new analytical methods to the data collected, and the model is open for improvement through scholarly development of additional measurements.  As a result, the BHS is designed as a robust independent system for improving brand performance.

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How is the Brand Health System Different from Commercial Endeavors?

  Existing, commercial brand indices have several major weaknesses. Firstly, they typically are ‘black box’ systems where the details of the methodology are held in secret. This lack of transparency means the methods are not open for external review, validation and extension. Secondly, the pre-existing methods typically assess only a limited subset of brand building inputs and outcomes, whereas the Brand Health program is a comprehensive approach.  Additionally, other brand indices typically focus on consumer package goods brands, but neglect sectors like financial services, retail, hospitality, and others.

Emory Brand Health program is designed as an open-source analysis of the complete range of inputs into brand building and the subsequent results. Analyses include unique concepts like Brand Resilience—the ability of a brand to withstand crisis, Brand Potency—the ability of the brand to extend into new categories and markets, Brand Capabilities—the ability of the organization to “live the brand”, brand value—the past and potential impact of branding on shareholder value, as well as market-based brand performance measures.

:  Emory Brand Health Solutions provide strategic brand insights and identifies opportunities for optimizing your brand activities. The system is designed with academic rigor to provide benchmarks that show how the key measures track over time.  The Brand Health system supports management decision making by defining capabilities requirements, resource allocation, marketing alignment, and marketing programs.

What involvement by your organization entails:
Emory Marketing Institute is looking for engaged partners to co-develop this measurement and analysis system. Ideal partners are those companies committed to actively managing their brands, to digging beneath the surface and finding the underlying issues for optimally building their brands and using their brand to create shareholder value.  Being a partner site involves participating in three research phases. The first phase is a seminar and workshop with a cross-functional team of managers involved in building and measuring performance. This initial meeting will be led  by scholars from the institute and held on your firm’s campus. This meeting will establish the external and internal data collection requirements for the program. The second phase is the data collection phase. During second phase the academic team will supervise market research and the gathering of internal information through surveys, interviews, and prepared documents. The third phases is the analysis and dialogue phase. After the data analysis phase, and integral part of the project will be a series of working sessions with your task force and management team to interpret results and lay the groundwork for application of insights and on-going measures of Brand Health.


Get Involved
To participate in this innovative program contact:

Greg Thomas, Director of Research
Tel: 404-727-4613
Email: gmthom@emory.edu

Rajendra Srivastava, Executive Director
Tel: 404-727-4858
Email: rsriva2@emory.edu


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