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Corporate Membership Overview

Firms that are dedicated to managing world class brands require the most current knowledge in brand management to maximize the value of their brands. Members of EMI benefit from the higher level of attention, exclusive research, and one-on-one  knowledge transfer. Membership provides access to exclusive services and bundled access to standard services at a rate which is more economical than a-la-carte services for committed firms.

Complimentary Executive Briefing
For firms considering institute membership, we provide a complimentary one-hour executive briefing to your team on a topic of your choice. Contact us for a list of topics so we can determine which topic will work best for you.

Membership with EMI offers a variety of services, including:
  • Brand Diagnostics: Reporting on the health of your brand
  • Custom Insights: Our personalized inquiry services.
  • Decision Support: Brand guidance and advice on issues you are facing.
  • Exclusive Reports: Next practices in detail.
  • Special Events: Member only sponsored events and roundtables
  • Access Pass: Access to all Emory Marketing Institute sponsored events
  • * Executive Development: VIP treatment for one-on-one development.
  • * Custom Research: Research on issues of greatest interest to you.

* denoted Premier level services

Why Join?

Priority Service
The institute’s research creates a wealth of knowledge that drives next practices in brand management. Members have priority access to the latest concepts, decision frameworks, methodologies and tools. Membership provides insights within the context of each member’s business issues.

Timely Access
With institute membership you get timely access to knowledge transfer. You get access to the experts in brand science who detail the latest research customized for your context.

Focused Research
The Emory Marketing Institute represents the greatest talent in brand science in the world. Our full research capabilities are available to focus on issues that matter most to you. We will work with you to understand what driving issues matter most and focus our research agenda on delivering relevant solutions.

New Ideas for Innovation
“Nothing great is ever produced in isolation” are words of the famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Creativity demands preparedness. EMI is a source of fresh thinking and powerful ideas. We are constantly evaluating the impact of marketing actions, organizing ideas on successes and developing insights for next practices in brand management. Our top-level advisories are only available through the membership program.

Benefits of Exclusivity
We create exclusive experiences for our members. We are committed to helping our members succeed, and provide personal development opportunities for fostering executive skills.

Brand Investment Guidance
Our members benefit from personalized service in justifying brand investments. Our members benefit from personalized coaching on how to justify optimal investment in building brand assets.

Levels of Service
The Emory Marketing Institute provides two levels of service:

  1. EMI Advantage: Access to customized knowledge that drives brand innovation
  2. EMI Premier: Custom access to both customized knowledge and custom research

EMI Advantage
The EMI Advantage program is designed for executives who lead brands in competitive marketplaces with a strong need to continually differentiate on the value delivered. EMI Advantage membership is highly appropriate for executives whose organizations are market and innovation driven. The EMI Advantage program provides the greatest access to the latest thought in brand strategy and provides the knowledge needed to sustain exceptional business result and maintain personal career success.

Program benefits include:
Brand Diagnostics: The Emory Marketing Institute developed a unique methodology that provides an assessment of your brand capabilities. As a EMI Advantage member you are given special attention in assessing your brands.

Custom Insights: Our personalized inquiry services bridge the gap between academic research and managerial actions. Our custom insights service brings to light advances in brand science in a format that is easily digestible for managerial actions. When exploring new initiatives you will have access to case studies and tools that will shorten your learning curve including concepts, frameworks, and methodologies that support the development of next practices (versus best practices)

Decision Support: Our decision support service provides mentoring for your difficult decisions. Our global network of institute scholars provides brand guidance and advice on issues you are facing. This is a particularly attractive service when you are confronted with critical decisions where time is of the essence. In addition, our executive peer network is an asset when seeking others who have confronted similar issues. With access to leading trends and expertise applicable to your specific situation our support aims to ensure you make the most informed decisions. The decision support service can help you avoid common mistakes and identify known risks in marketing decisions.

Exclusive Reports: Institute members benefit from access to exclusive reports that detail next practices in brand management.

Special Events: As a member of the institute you will benefit from invitation only events including sponsored summits and roundtables

Access Pass: In addition to special events, membership provides access passes for you and your selected team members to all Emory Marketing Institute sponsored events.

Brand Investment Guidance: Our members benefit from the brand investment guidance service in justifying brand investments. Our scholars with expertise in justifying investments in intangible assets provide confidential coaching on how to justify optimal investments in building brand assets.

EMI Premier
EMI Premier is designed for executives in organizations seeking to drive innovation in brand strategy in the most cost effective way. In addition to benefiting from all the Advantage level membership services the Premier membership level includes Executive Development and Custom Research. Premier members are provided the highest level of preferential access and responsive service in accessing institute expertise. Premier membership provides the most advanced tools and knowledge for delivering brand driven business performance, and resources for developing themselves as successful business leaders.

Executive Development: The Executive Development program offers VIP treatment for one-on-one development. Our skills inventory assessment can help identify opportunities for personal growth in fostering your business leadership. This assessment provides the basis for a personalized development program.

Custom Research: Our custom research brings the power of scholars around the world to focus on issues of greatest interest to you. Custom research is invaluable when you are seeking to gain distinct leadership competence in managing brands. Whether you are seeking new insights to innovate around customers, markets, products, identity, or business models our rigorously research capabilities can support your quest for answers.

“Nothing great is ever produced in isolation”
Yo-Yo Ma

Do contact us if you are:

  • Interested in becoming an member
  • Need help selecting the right service program
  • Would like to send your contact information we can contact you
  • Are interested in the topics for the complimentary executive briefing


Rajendra Srivastava
Executive Director
Email: rsriva2@emory.edu
Main: 404 727-9172



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