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Our collaborative Research Solutions develops next practices in brand management. Your managerial challenges provide the focus for our research agenda.

When you seek new methods, conceptual models, and analytic techniques do let us know. Working together we can challenge the best minds on the topic to focus on developing solutions.

The Institute of Brand Science manages six joint development research clusters. These include Services Brand Innovation, B2B Brand Innovation, CPG Brand Innovation, Retail Brand Innovation, Place Brand Innovation, and Marketing Performance Management.

We direct teams of highly talented scholars around the world on collaborative research projects focused in each of these clusters. In doing so, we both track best practices and develop next practices in brand management.

How does it work? We maintain relationships with data provider firms that provide syndicated data on advertising, brand equity, market share, new products, market segments, and financial data. We pair this with primary data when needed which is collected with partner firms, associations, or direct survey capabilities.

Whether you need insights on brand performance, brand dynamics, portfolio management, emotional triggers, internal brand alignment and the like…we develop new innovate methods with scientific rigor to enable knowledge-driven next practices. We also validate existing methods which are accepted as general practice but unproven. 

EMI Network

For research services inquires contact

Rajendra Srivastava, Executive Director
Email: rsriva2@emory.edu
Tel: 404-727-4858

Greg Thomas, Director of Research
Email: gmthoma@emory.edu
Tel: 404-727-4612



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