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Executive-in-Residence Program

The Executive-in-Residence program allows leading business practitioners to work with the institute for a fixed term on a variety of levels. The program aims to foster close working relations between the business community and the institute, to enhance the institute’s awareness of pressing issues in management while revitalizing the skills of the executives with the latest knowledge in management.

Business practitioners have the benefit of valuable hands-on experience and knowledge. Executives are invited to spend time ranging from as little as three weeks to as long as a year with the institute to teach, study, learn, write, and reflect on innovative ways to better manage brands to impact firm performance. 

The Executive in Residence interacts in a variety of activities during the stay. These include:Teaching: Attend, observe, and speak to select programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Executive in Residence may undertake to teach an entire course, or selectively lecture for specific classes on a topic within their area of expertise.

Curriculum Enhancement: Advise with the identification of the needs and expectations of the business community and how the school might best respond. The Executive in Residence is well equipped to make an impact by guiding the academic staff in developing teaching, learning, and research activities. 

Academic Research: The Executive-in-Residence can provide a role in shaping the research agenda, help develop relationships with organizations to facilitate research, and participate in the research process.

Alumni and Student Relations: The institute will help to involve the Executive-in-Residence with the alumni of the school and with the student body. These interactions may be at a group or one-on-one level, in an effort to help with better connecting alumni, and mentoring students.

To apply for the Executive-in-Residence program, please fill in the “Executive-in-Residence Application Form” and submit it along with your resume to the Emory Marketing Institute.

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