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Executive Leadership Circle Managerial Society

The Executive Leadership Circle is a society of upper level executives. The Executive Leadership Circle provides its constituents with connections to peers and expertise sharing. In addition, it serves as forum for understanding managerial issues, discovering best practices, and promoting knowledge creation. It is dedicated to helping managers lead their organizations and to supporting managers in their efforts to optimize firm performance.

Why Join?
Priority Access -The members of the Executive Leadership Circle benefit from having priority access to research findings developed by the Emory Marketing Institute for the program.

Research Priorities - The Executive Leadership Circle advises on the future research agenda for the institute. The institute will work with you to understand what driving issues matter most and focus our research agenda on delivering relevant solutions.

Peer Led Innovation - Through connecting with peers you are able to discover the idea of the social life of information. Peer networking helps you build your sphere of knowledge.

Research Participation - The Emory Marketing Institute works with the Executive Leadership Circle to field research on pertinent managerial issues. Members of the society are able to participate in this groundbreaking research.

Career Support - The Emory Marketing Institute is committed to executive development. Members of the Executive Leadership Circle are given opportunities to develop and enhance their careers through institute workshops.

Membership Criteria
Membership is limited to top-ranking corporate executives in marketing, finance, or operations. Candidates must be well seasoned in their roles with a track record of accomplishment.

Apply for Membership
Do contact us if you are interested in becoming a member. Membership is limited to upper management. To apply, please submit an application form, letter(s) of reference, and a current resume. 

For Questions Contact
Greg Thomas
Director of Research
Email: gmthoma@emory.edu
Main: 404 727-9172



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