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EMI works with scholars to develop innovative research in brand management. The goal is to develop a synergy between scholars and managers, where scholars are led by managerial concerns. EMI supports the pursuit of high quality academic research through research support, research materials, research forums, research competitions, research awards, dissemination of research, and academic conferences.

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Academic Events
EMI Hosts the Academy of Marketing 4th Annual Colloquium of the Brand, Identity, and Corporate Reputation Special Interest Group
Sept 12-14th 2008

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Academic Membership
EMI works collaboratively with scholars from universities around the globe. We work to connect scholars with business conundrums. And we aim to create synergistic relationships amongst scholars.

Full-time faculty members holding a doctoral degree can apply for EMI membership. Those who are accepted for membership benefit from

  1. Free access to working papers
  2. Discounts on reports
  3. Discounts on EMI events
  4. Invitations to attend EMI conferences

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Submit Working Papers
We encourage scholars to submit their working papers. EMI working papers are distributed to both scholars and practitioners, and can provide visibility for your research. EMI considers working papers for acceptance in the Technical Reports series even when the research was funded by another source. For inclusion the working paper needs to focus on a topic of relevance for the institute, and represent a worthwhile contribution to the marketing discipline.

The copyright is held by the researcher. We encourage you to seek publication of the working paper in an academic journal once it is finalized.

Review Process
The working paper submissions are reviewed by EMI review team. It typically takes four weeks to complete the review. Accepted papers are subject to EMI’s Terms and Conditions for Working Papers

Working Paper Guidelines
The working papers need to be submitted in a form that is clear and easy to read. We have some basic guidelines on submitting papers that we recommend authors follow. You can download these here: Guidelines for Working Papers

Submit Working Papers
Send your submission to Greg Thomas

Recently Released Working Papers
EMI working papers represent the latest in research findings by leading scholars in brand management. Access to the working papers requires registration. Registration is free for full time faculty. To sign up for access go to the faculty registration page.  



Visiting Scholars
The purpose of the Visiting Scholar program is to support the work of upcoming scholars who show promise of becoming thought leaders in the field of brand management. The Visiting Scholar program provides opportunities for scholars from other institutions to conduct research at the Emory Marketing Institute. This provides excellent opportunities for career development as the faculty of the institute help visiting scholars by providing oversight and guidance. Visiting scholars can plan to stay at the Emory Marketing Institute for a period ranging from several months to a year.

Activities - Visiting scholars will also have access to the library reserves at Emory University, which are quite plentiful. Visiting scholars have the opportunity to participate in seminars, forms, and other events conducted by the Institute.
Visiting scholars are also invited to faculty colloquiums, and other faculty events.  
Scholars will be provided shared office space, access to university network, and an office telephone line.
After scholars return to their intuitions they can remain active by serving as links between EMI and their home institution.

Acknowledgement - In return for support in the Visiting Scholar program, the Emory Marketing Institute does request acknowledgement of the institute’s role in the published research relating to the visit. This is done simply by acknowledging the institute in working papers, publications, and presentations.

Application - Applicants must hold a PhD or be working towards completing a dissertation for a PhD. The application requires you submit

  1. Curriculum Vitae

  2. Research Proposal: This should include a description of the research project or research focus you would like to pursue.

  3. Statement of Support: Visiting scholars are expected to secure funding for their stay. Sources of funds often come from their home institution, fellowships, scholarships, grants, sponsorship, or other source. The associated costs are travel, transportation, housing, food, and incidentals. Please note that the Emory Marketing Institute does not provide financial assistance to visiting scholars.

To apply for the Visiting Scholar program please fill in the “Visiting Scholar Application Form” and submit it along with your curriculum vitae to the Emory Marketing Institute at gmthoma@emory.edu.

Click here to download the form

Fellows Program

EMI appoints distinguished scholars to its Fellows Program. The EMI Fellows represent scholars that have made a significant contribution to the discipline of marketing and brand management. Fellows work with the institute to establish its research priorities and goals. They also are included in the EMI Brand Academy program for executive briefings with clients.

Fellows are designated by appointment. If you would like to nominate a scholar for consideration please email a brief statement of recommendation to Greg Thomas.

The committee reviews recommendations periodically and typically will provide a response within four weeks.

Awards and Competitions

The Emory Marketing Institute runs programs for awards, research competitions, and calls for papers. The doctoral dissertation award is open to PhD candidates. Please find a listing below of the current competitions and calls for papers. Academic researchers not currently on the EMI mailing list should apply to our academic email list to ensure they receive notification of future competitions.

Marketing Strategy Meets Wallstreet

Doctoral Dissertation Guideline for 2008


Research Support
Funding Support - EMI is currently not accepting unsolicited proposals for research funding

Data Support - Faculty at Emory University can provide access to datasets. To do so requires that faculty from other universities work collaboratively with Emory University faculty on their research projects. As such, the best way to proceed is to identify the faculty at the Goizueta Business School that are aligned with the research and contact them directly.



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